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WebdesignAward 2013

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 Samstag, März 30, 2013 00:00
WebdesignAward 2013
Event von Freitag, März 01, 2013 00:00 bis Sonntag, März 31, 2013 00:00

WebdesignAward 2013

A flood of e-mails and applications currently let the employee of Paolo Gelb sweat.
Worldwide 887 artists, web designers, Internet specialists and agencies have advertised so far.After a week of judging, analyzing and discussing, the 14 best candidates are now entering the final round.Generally it must be noted, that the participants in the “Paolo Gelb Web Design Award” have not only made an effort, but also submitted many proposals, which showed that each individual candidate had set apart with the label PAOLO GELB, and carried the feel of the Slogan "... do you feel it .." in their concept proposals.Those, to whom the FINALS being not granted, will be contacted personally. By management has been decided that the remaining Participants, which have not made it, will be kept in evidence for other projects of the label Paolo Gelb. A big project, a great idea and a sensational Creative wave accompanies this event and will be crowned with the surrender of the Grand Prize. “Paolo Gelb Design Award 2013”, it will be a Hypercrash, which the participants and the label Paolo Gelb will never forget.


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  • von Freitag, März 01, 2013 bis Sonntag, März 31, 2013


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