Raupe Schornie

on Donnerstag, 11 April 2013. Posted in Pressemeldungen, News

Erschaffung einer Raupenwelt -Teil I

Ewig her musste es sein, denn niemand kann sich wirklich mehr daran erinnern und alles was man hörte und las, begründet sich auf  Hören und Sagen.

Schornie denkt darüber nach, wie fing alles an, wo führt es hin und wie wird es enden?

Die Salatköpfe, welche aus den Weiten des Universum´s kamen, sie müssen uns Insekten schon ne ganze Weile beobachtet haben.

Nun, auf Grund dieser Tatsache werden sie braune Ränder bekommen haben und sich nach jeder Glaserl Düngemittel gefragt haben: Wie kann man den Depperten da unten beibringen, dass es so nicht funktionieren wird?!

Große weltraumfüllende Symposien hielten sie ab, versuchten es mit wachstumsfördernden Klangschalengedudle, esotherischen Hilfsmittelschen und dann kam The Big Rosenkohl, der Chef im intergalaktischenSalatplantagengetummel, auf die Idee der Ideen!

Paolo Gelb in New York

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PAOLO GELB transforms his canvases through saturated swirling colors, dynamic brushwork, generous layering and abstract figuration into opulent portals leading viewers to imaginative interpretations of his energetic expressions.
Paolo Gelb’s expressive brushstrokes, vibrant use of color and the variegated positions of forms throughout his paintings elicit an emotional response from the viewer, one that expresses the multitude of emotions that are both mentally and physically experienced by the human body in contemporary society. His color palette reflects the far reaches of the earth, with generous planes of fiery red, sun-kissed yellow and oceanic blue sweeping the entire surface of the canvas. All colors evoke malleable forms with infinite boarders, with each curvaceous color flowing into an adjacent form. His opulent use of color is complimented and mirrored through his dynamic brushwork, which acts as an indexical sign for the energy and the vigor of the artist’s hand at work. He boldly mixes and juxtaposes layers of colorful hues, creating a topographical design that takes on a spatial existence.

Paolo Gelb WebdesignAward 2013

on Samstag, 11 Mai 2013. Posted in Pressemeldungen, News

Interview with Samah, Art Director of Label Paolo Gelb.
Editorial Team: „Dear Samah, it is very nice that you have found the time.
Much happens, one has the feeling, that the Label Paolo Gelb explodes with inspiration and creativity.“
Samah: „Yes, much happend, and even we could hardly believe the speed. Again and again opportunities come along from which we create new ideas. Dreams become ideas, ideas become visions and we love, to transform and realize them and as many people as possible to participate in it. We integrate them and from that all new projects arise.”
Editorial Team: „What are your next goals or should i say your visions? What are your actual plans?“
Samah: „Well, currently we exhibit the newest works of Paolo Gelb in New York. Following they will be seen in Florence and in the United Arab Emirates. And at the end of the year we plan Berlin. A big Event, and on this we all work frenetic, should start this year in Salzburg and then move to Vienna. It will be the continuation of “A sky full of dreams”. It all began with an installation at Paolo’s very dear friend Nhut La Hong (Remark Editorial team: Noble designer from vienna).
Now we continue this.”